Dirty Snowman Society – Meet Chris Todoroff!

New hard rock band breaks the mold with classic sound. LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 06, 2019 The last time you heard about a new rock 'n’ roll artist debuting, it was probably back in the 90s. Like most genres, rock 'n’ roll has been modernized and [...]


Taste of Heaven is a new single from Dirty Snowman Society, a rock outfit based in Copper Mountain, CO. The song features clean guitars and brooding vocals. The singer has a fairly deep and mysterious voice, giving the track a darker, alternative-li [...]

Dirty Snowman Society Taste of Heaven

Colorado rockers Dirty Snowman Society meet the intrigue and appeal of their band name with a style of songwriting that’s equally refreshing and consistently reflective of a band with a unique perspective and approach to creativity. Taste Of Heaven [...]