Taste of Heaven is a new single from Dirty Snowman Society, a rock outfit based in Copper Mountain, CO. The song features clean guitars and brooding vocals. The singer has a fairly deep and mysterious voice, giving the track a darker, alternative-li [...]

Dirty Snowman Society Taste of Heaven

Colorado rockers Dirty Snowman Society meet the intrigue and appeal of their band name with a style of songwriting that’s equally refreshing and consistently reflective of a band with a unique perspective and approach to creativity. Taste Of Heaven [...]

Taste of Heaven by Dirty Snowman Society

“Taste of Heaven” is just the primary single to drop and is the start of Dirty Snowman Society’s ascent to the top. “Taste of Heaven” is a much needed refresher for those missing the vibe of a great hard shake. Candid Costantini’s vocals stream easi [...]