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“The evolution of classic rock. Finally!”

Dancing About Architecture

Finally, new classic rock: Dirty Snowman Society embodies rock’s halcyon arena aura. The five-piece band boasts a mythical presence, a mischievous swagger, and mountainous riffs as huge as the nearby Copper Mountain, Colorado snowy summits.

Dirty Snowman Society, founded by lead singer/songwriter Frank Costantini and guitarists/songwriters Chris Todoroff and Jonnie Law, furthers the classic rock continuum with contemporary touches of grunge and alt-rock; purple psychedelic hues; and sprinkles of sinewy world-beat grooves often courtesy of percussionist Bashiri Johnson (Sting, Aretha Franklin, Steve Winwood). Adding to the group’s mojo is a rural bravado informed by a vigorous outdoor lifestyle. The band has just released their second release, the EP Snow Blind.

Frank and Chris live on opposite sides of a ski lift in a ski resort town, and the band writes, records, and rehearses in the thin air at 10,000 feet. Frank is a full-time creative who has been awarded 7 Emmys for his writing, directing, and producing. In addition, he has worked in advertising writing, co-writing, and producing tracks alongside David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Shaffer, Will Lee, Aaron Neville, Stewart Copeland, and Anton Fig. Chris is also a lifer musician who’s logged time in numerous rock bands. Dirty Snowman Society also features guitar ace Jonnie Law on lead guitar and pro bassist Patrick Linfante. Drummer Perry Senn is an experienced touring musician and has played with the likes of Chuck Berry. DSS’s debut and sophomore EP have been produced by a NYC studio team helmed by producer/Bangworld president Brian Jones and engineered by Grammy-winning Nick Cipriano.

Dirty Snowman Society pairs bluesy riffs with infectious hooks, and, overall, the quintet’s tracks are muscly, melodic, and tastefully layered. The musicians are dynamic and virtuosic, effortlessly shifting between ensemble playing and dexterous solo passages. Frank’s vocals ooze a honeyed grit, recalling the era when lead vocalists were informed by blues shouters and soul balladeers. Lyrically, the band eschews the “baby baby” trappings of many of its influences and contemporaries, instead the songwriters prefer to be thought-provoking using storylines pinched from everyday life struggles, politics, and romance. The band’s smoldering emotive musicality recalls Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and other beacons of the 1990s riff rock revival.

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