Introducing the band, Dirty Snowman Society and their epic new classic rock song “Taste of Heaven”. The lyrics are sick and twisted poetry accompanied by a deep, dark, soundtrack that will have you rockin’ right along! Read more about the Dirty Snowman Society and enjoy “Taste of Heaven”on Spotify today!
“Taste of Heaven” on Spotify
Dirty Snowman Society is a rock band based in Copper Mountain, CO. The four-piece band consists of Frank Costantini on vocals, drums and percussion, Jonnie Law on lead guitar, Patrick Linfante on bass and Chris Todoroff on guitars and percussion. The band came together from very diverse backgrounds, they’ve held jobs such as Emmy winning TV director and best selling author, a touring metal band member, ski and surf instructor, and successful lawyer. The glue that holds them together is the desire to make the kind of classic hard rock that inspired them to become musicians. Follow Dirty Snowman Society on Facebook for more information.
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